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Mobile Services

Concierge Services

IV therapy is a convenient way to improve your health and to feel better, faster. But what happens when you don’t feel well enough to leave home? Or maybe you’re immunocompromised and wish to avoid public settings, or simply don’t have time to make it to the clinic.

Today’s busy schedules combined with a heightened awareness of disease transmission means that for some people, in-home treatment is the ideal. That’s why To the Point IV Wellness offers concierge services. We will bring the IV or medical service to you!

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How It Works

When you book one of our concierge services, a To the Point IV registered medical practitioner will conduct a brief health screening via phone or telehealth. This helps us determine the nature of your concern. We will also discuss which IV treatment is recommended. After the health screening, you can schedule an appointment time. Depending upon your location, we are often able to see clients same-day.

At your appointment, our practitioner will verify your health history before administering the recommended IV  therapy. Time varies by treatment, but the whole process can take as little as thirty minutes or range upward to several hours. You will be carefully monitored by our licensed provider during that time. Your health is our priority!

Who It's For

Many people can benefit from IV therapy. From improving immunity to anti-aging to acute care, there are IV therapies to fulfill almost every health and wellness need.

Acute Care

Acute minor and non-emergent care is particularly suited to our concierge services.

Most of the time when you arrive to an emergency room IV fluids are started first. For example, if you suffer from migraines that are made worse by exposure to light, smell or noise, going into a busy ER for treatment can make you feel worse. To the Point IV’s migraine cocktail utilizes a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, hydrating fluids and medication to counteract migraine symptoms. Even better, it can be administered directly in the comfort of your own home.

Extra Privacy

Another benefit of mobile IV therapy service is enhanced privacy.

High-profile individuals, those who are undergoing drug/alcohol rehabilitation or pursuing weight loss, or anyone who needs an extra degree of confidentiality might choose at-home treatment. Our weight loss IV is full of vitamins and nutrients that can jump start your metabolism and give your lifestyle goals a boost. Whatever your needs, To the Point IV’s concierge service is a hassle-free solution for getting the benefits of IV therapy while maintaining a low profile.

Group Sessions

Aside from individuals seeking private or acute care, concierge therapy is also available to groups.

Athletic teams, bridal parties, or family members who have the misfortune to experience food poisoning are just a few of the groups who might wish to book our concierge services. If your group had a bit too much fun on the previous evening, our hangover recovery cocktail can help speed your recovery. Containing saline for hydration and a mix of energy-boosting vitamins and anti-nausea medication, it will help you get back on your feet – and onto the next activity.

Locations Served

To The Point IV Wellness offers concierge service within metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Depending upon your location, additional mileage fees may apply. You can contact us to schedule an appointment, or for more information.