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To The Point
IV Wellness Clinic

To The Point IV Wellness is your one-stop-shop for Custom IV Therapy, preventative and medical service care

Licensed Provider

Whether you’re looking for IV hydration or whole-body holistic medicine, our board-certified clinicians will meet your healthcare needs with our free 15 minutes IV consultation or affordable medical evaluation.

Custom Boutique IV Therapy

After a medical evaluation, review of your labs, and understanding your goals; we customized your infusion therapy to target your specific needs. No one person is the same- so why pick from a menu - Let’s customized one unique to you and aid in your wellness journey.


Not only do we provide easy walk-in services, in clinic lab testing and blood draw with interpretation result within 48 business hours – we also offer mobile concierge appointments. Knowledgeable healthcare, brought directly to your door.

Curious About Custom IV Therapy?

We can make a custom blend for you. Want to try our traditional infusion blends like the Myer’s cocktail, NAD or high dose vitamin C? Contact us to book a free 15-minute IV consultation.

Your Health. Your Time.
Our Solution.

In today’s busy world, taking care of your health too often takes a backseat to life’s other demands. Appointments with medical practitioners can be expensive and difficult to schedule. Many people feel run down, like they need a simple pick-me-up. Or maybe they have chronic or urgent concerns and can’t wait weeks or months for their doctor to have an opening. At To the Point IV Wellness, we understand that your time is just as important as your health. We believe that health can be managed by a synergic blend of modern and naturopathic medicine. Our goal is to provide efficient, licensed, and boutique-style custom medical services that work for you.

IV Offerings

Rehydrate, rejuvenate, and revive with our specialty IV cocktails.

Mobile Services

The benefits of IV therapy, brought directly to your door.

Medical Care

COVID, FLU, Strep, Lab testing with medical evaluation & treatment for immediate wellness needs.


“IV” is an acronym for intravenous, which is a method of administering fluids or medication directly into your veins. In fact, it is the fastest way to get vitamins and other nutrients into your body. Traditional oral supplements must first pass through your digestive system, where they are processed before entering your bloodstream. IV therapy skips the middle man – your digestive system – so that needed nutrients are immediately available.



What Are the Pros of IV Therapy?

Now that you know what IV therapy is, you may be wondering how it can benefit you.

There are several reasons to choose IV therapy:

faster hydration

IV therapy delivers hydration faster than drinking water. It also replaces electrolytes, helping you feel refreshed, especially for hangover.

fights aging

Our specialized drips contain vitamins and minerals that fend off free radicals, helping to slow the aging process at the cellular level.

immune boost

Our high dose vitamin C drip gives your immune system a boost so that you can stay healthier, longer.

increases energy

Whether it’s Glutathione, NAD + Infusion or Vitamin B12 injection, routine use may increase your energy and mental clarity level so you can do more in your daily routine.

better vitamin absorption

IV-delivered vitamins are absorbed up to three times faster than those taken by mouth, and won’t upset your stomach.

helps maintain healthy weight

IV hydration makes you feel fuller, and nutrient additions can help turn fat into fuel, improving your metabolism.